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something has changed in you
it’s dancing right behind your eyes
do we seek bliss or are we chasing oblivion
one shove from the edge to either side

an ecstasy blooms inside like light
will this brilliance break us to pieces
a wind blowing back through forever
but is forever such a bad place to stay

maybe just until the dawn

one night away from in love
one trial away from the rest of our lives
a touch, a breaking and sigh
do we know what is right anyway

swear on the cross darling girl
swear upon the graves we fill
it never does any good
swear that its meant to be broken

when lips begged to be kissed
and a single breath can set flesh on fire
move and caress, mark me, make me
always yours

this is a curse, no worse, i’m blessed
every night, my dreams come to life
an unbidden image of you
why would anyone ever wake

into the cold and lonely morning

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Invitation to the Dance

losing so much in this dusk
abandon hope and trust
let us keep lust and everything
that keeps us human

these long arms of beast
lashing at the sky above
finding our craving of pain
losing our fear of love

a pale horse orgasm
the chanting ebbs and flows
monstrous grinding
sweating, pulsing slow

racing hearts, fevered minds
spilling screams and seed
like it was the very last time
we’d ever see the moon alive

there’s a beat in the distance
as ancient as gods and mud
it speaks of old earth
it speaks in warm blood

a ritual lost to it’s people
yet still felt in moments of flesh
it’s waiting to be reborn
if we can just remember the dance

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of many a monster

must remember what reminded me
just toss and turn instead
a few shots and a smoke
to cloud my mind

little slivers of memory
drops of blood on the table
will i ever recall
what led me to the gallows

a monster
a mongrel
a man-god
a master

all rolled into a boy
who just wants to love
not too much to ask
but the world demands pain

so a mattress and mistress
that will do for the night
finding solace in claws
tracing lines on my back

a brute for the ages
but can i be blamed
for another breaking me
and reforming the pieces

does the devil ever stop
so a man can begin again
from the ashes of a boy

i could stop
i could watch
i could reverse
yeah right

for now

maybe forever

i will be

the beast
the boy
the heretic
the broken one

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One Black Wing

can I really just simply behold you?
a lover from forgotten times
so far removed from the here and now
but here you are, now.


a wavering halo makes you dance
mine exists no more
if only i had your strength
that makes me so strong


in your breath from a shared pillow
sweat from flesh and afternoon
dogs raising hell into a cloudless sky
fucking hell, I could die right now


as the sheet slips away
curves a man could kill himself on
reflecting your labyrinth soul
and heart(beating)and mind


like you were born to do
my time is done for now
nothing will become of us
but a broken halo and a black wing

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